Caravan & Motorhome Damp Check

Keeping your vehicle in good habitable condition

Keeping the inside of your caravan or motorhome free from damp is an essential part of being a caravaner or motorhomer. Not only will this ensure that it is safe for your family but also prolong the life of your vehicle. Regular damp checks will help you to identify any potential problems with water ingress early so that it can be sorted before more substantial and costly repair work is needed.

A full caravan service, caravan habitation service and motorhome habitation service will include a damp check and full report. However, there may be other times when you will need to use this service . For example if you are considering purchasing a caravan or motorhome or to keep your eye on a potential problem previously identified.

All servicing and repair work is fully insured and carried out by staff who have undertaken industry standard training. Our service van is equipped to carry out work at a place to suit you.

Caravan & Motorhome Invasive Damp Check Meter

What do the readings mean?

  • Moisture levels between 0-15% – no cause for concern, only readings over 15% are recorded.
  • Moisture levels between 15-20% – May require further investigation. Compare with average readings and consider rechecking after 3 months.
  • Moisture levels between 20-30% – Will require further investigations to look for possible indications of water ingress. Possible resealing required to avoid further degrading.
  • Moisture levels 30% and above – May indicate that structural damage or deterioration is occurring. Possible rework required to avoid further degrading followed by immediate rectification action as necessary.
Caravan & Motorhome Damp Check Aquant Protimeter

Here’s what you can expect from our Damp Check:

  • We will use an industry standard damp meter to check all accessible areas of wall, floor and ceiling within your vehicle.
  • We will provide you with a damp report detailing our findings and give our advice on next steps.


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Is a damp check included in a full service?

Yes. If you have a caravan service, a caravan habitation service or a motorhome habitation service, we will provide you with a full damp report.

How often should my caravan or motorhome be checked for damp?

Your caravan or motorhome should be checked for damp on an annual basis. If a damp problem has previously been identified then a check every 3 months would be more beneficial.

What do you provide on a damp check?

We will do a full damp check using industry standard equipment and provide you with a report including advising you of your next steps.

Can I use the damp check for manufacturer warranty purposes?

Yes, as we are an NCC approved workshop (AWS), our damp check paperwork can be submitted to your caravan manufacturer for warranty purposes.