Caravan Damp Test

Catching water ingress early can save on expensive work later on. We use the tester shown to perform a caravan damp test, which allows us to monitor the onset of damp and catch it at the optimum moment.

Readings and What They Mean

Readings between (0-15%) = no cause for concern.

Readings between (15-20%) = engineer to make a note of these readings and re-check at next service.

Readings between (20-24%) = possible early signs of ingress, look for tangible evidence or ask for a re-check.

Readings between (25-30%) = moisture evident, remedial work required. May not need stripdown unless surface damage (staining, pimpling, and softness) is apparent.

Reading (31% and above) = structural damage is occurring, deterioration inevitable. A full stripdown of the affected area is required.

Caravan Damp Test - Caravan Damp Tester

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