Caravan Solar Panels

We offer solar panels for caravans and motorhomes from 80w to 150w. Our panels will allow your caravan and motorhome to be constantly recharged when not on electric hook-up. This means that you can continue to power lights, water pumps, TV’s and phone chargers.

Caravan Solar Panels

Using 12v caravan solar panels for your caravan is an ideal way to ensure that your leisure battery is maintained to the highest standard. After a period of little or no use, a solar panel will ensure that the battery is charged. When you are away and parked up you will no longer have to plug into a power source or use a generator as the battery level reduces. We use the highest grade components in all of our systems to make sure that reliability is not compromised.

Motorhome Solar Panels

Motorhomes can be fitted with a charger for 2 batteries. One for the leisure battery and the second output to the motorhome engine battery. You can leave your motorhome in storage and return to a fully charged battery. The alarm will also be fully functional. On site the main focus can be switched to the leisure battery so that it is continually topped up and no electric hook-up will be required. Wild camping is now a real option!

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