Alde Heating Coolant Change

Neil The Caravan Medic is a qualified and approved Alde heating engineer. We can perform an Alde heating coolant change to your system. We can also offer a repair service for Alde Heating Systems and warranty repairs.

Alde recommend that you change the Glycol fluid in your Alde Central Heating System to maintain a consistent level of performance and corrosion protection when heating your caravan or motorhome. The Alde Water Heating System is a closed loop system for radiators, which requires the water mixture flowing around the system to contain corrosion inhibitor (antifreeze) and water in a 50:50 mix.

This water mixture has to be drained and refilled periodically. Manufacturers usually install a blue or green fluid which gives a 2 year corrosion protection. The corrosion inhibitor has a limited life, after it has expired the system will have no corrosion protection and so the system needs to be drained and the fluid replaced.

We will draindown and refill your Alde system using specialist equipment. We will replace it with a 5 year G13 long-life antifreeze.

A discount is applied if you book the Alde Heating Coolant Change at the same time as your annual caravan service or motorhome habitation service.

To book your Alde heating coolant change

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