Caravan Shower Tray Repairs

Speedcoat authorised mobile shower tray repair service from Neil The Caravan Medic. We can repair cracked caravan shower trays quickly and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole caravan shower tray. We can also repair cracked motorhome shower trays and cracked shower trays in static caravans. We are a mobile service and so we can repair the cracked shower tray in a place that is convenient to you.

Until now it has been almost impossible to make a shower tray repair, in situ, to a motorhome shower tray or caravan plastic shower tray without removing the plastic shower tray at great expense in terms of time and money. With the introduction of this new product we are able to get a quality repair at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole shower tray. 

There are a variety of reasons as to why you would need to undertake plastic shower tray repairs within a mobile caravan, static caravan or motorhome. It is quite common within a caravan for the plastic shower tray to crack around the plug hole (due to usage) or for heavy objects to fall out of a bathroom cabinet when in transit causing chips, cracks or dents.

At Neil the Caravan Medic we have teamed up with Speedcoat Europe to provide a great new repair system for new and exisiting cracked caravan shower trays using Speedliner - the `World’s Toughest spray liner product’. Speedliner HC is an active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial polymer product to guarantee against mould, mildew and fungi contamination. This provides a very solid shower tray repair.

Once we have repaired the cracks, splits or dents using either a dual component product which has been especially designed for the gluing of plastic shower trays, PU seleant and/or a hot staple gun. We will then sand and smooth the area before finally applying a sprayable coat of the Speedliner HC polymer over the complete shower tray.

This will in turn seal the caravan shower tray leaving a textured, anti-slip finish. The Speedliner HC once cured, after 48 hours, creates a strong coating allowing the shower tray to be used once again. The plastic shower tray repair is done without taking the plastic shower tray out of the caravan and with very little mess.

Other repair options available such as leaking roofs, anti-slip steps, anti-stone chip sills, front caravan panels or to give an older caravan shower tray a new ’lease of life’.

A choice of colours are available.

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