Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect - The Unique Caravan Level Indicator System

Pitch Perfect

We have become the Midlands authorised supplier and installer of a brand-new, UK made, unique caravan levelling system. Pitch Perfect Levelling System is a sturdy, accurate and reliable levelling system which allows one person to quickly and easily level their caravan using a highly visual light system. Perfect caravan levelling is achieved every time without the need for a spirit level.

Pitch Perfect Caravan Levelling System has the following features:-

  • Accurate

  • Makes levelling process easy

  • One person levelling process

  • Perfect levelling each time

  • Reduces levelling time with less stress!

  • No need for spirit levels

  • Visible in the dark

  • Sturdy

  • Reliable

  • Only periodic battery replacement will be required

The Unique Caravan Levelling Indicator System. The “Pitch Perfect” consists of two sensors, a battery box with on/off switch and two indicator housings. One sensor indicates front to back caravan level and one sensor indicates side to side caravan level.The two sensors and the battery box are mounted on the underside of the caravan floor, (all components are waterproof) or inside the caravan. One indicator is mounted under the front offside of the caravan. This is easily visible from your tow car rear view mirror or when using a motor mover when adjusting side to side level on levelling ramps. One indicator is mounted on the side of, or through, the A-frame cover. This is easily visible when adjusting front to back level with the jockey wheel.When only one of the indicator lights are lit the caravan is low on that side or end. The caravan is first levelled side to side, then front to back. When both lights are lit the caravan is level in that axis.

Prices from:
£69.99 (supply only)
£99.99 (including fitting)
(Introductory price if fitted during a full service)